Deep Pink Warli Print Ajrakh Stole

₹750.00 ₹1,000.00


Gaji (Mashru) Silk
2.1 meter x 0.55 meter
Product Details

Material : Mashru (gaji) silk Dimensions 2.10 m x0.55 m This is for people who love being with nature and enjoy the touch of natural products. The Craft: Ajrakh printing is one of the ancient techniques of printing in India and is on the verge on dying. We at Missori are making an effort to support our printers who have been in this industry for ages and are losing business because of updated dyeing techniques taking a toll on the age old traditional craft. Natural and organic ingredients have been used to create this Ajrakh printed Scarf in colors like beige, indigo, mustard, red, black and green. It needs a lot of expertise and patience to create Ajrakh printed products as it takes a lot of precision, time and effort to get the required look. One scarf takes almost 3 days to be able to come alive as the brightness and the look depends on the climate, soil, water of the place. Wash Care: Since it’s a vegetable dyed product, please hand-wash it separately in cold water and mild detergent. Do not use a brush as the fabric is silk. Please do not use chlorine based bleach. Note: Due to the hand-made nature, product colors on hand-dyed fabrics may vary slightly from product to product. For our Customers: Please feel free to get in touch with us with your queries, valuable feedback and opinion on this product.

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