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Gharana Peacock Earcuffs

Gharana Peacock Earcuffs

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925 Sterling Silver, Semi Precious Beads, Kundan, Natural Pearl
90 mm x 35 mm
Wearing Mechanism
Butterfly Push, Earclip for top support

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Product Details

Introducing "Missori's Latest Danglers Earrings Collection" - an exquisite assortment of handmade, 925 Sterling Silver earrings that exude elegance and charm. Crafted with utmost precision, each piece showcases a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Material-wise, these stunning earrings boast premium-quality components, including 925 Sterling Silver for durability and lustrous shine. The incorporation of Semi Precious Beads, Kundan, and Natural Pearls adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to the collection.

The "Gharana Peacock Silver Earcuffs" stand out as one of the highlights, featuring a captivating peacock-inspired design that effortlessly catches the eye. With dimensions measuring 90mm x 35mm, these earrings make a bold statement and complement various outfits perfectly.

For ease of wear, Missori's Danglers Earrings Collection offers a versatile wearing mechanism. The Butterfly Push ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the Earclip provides additional top support for those who prefer alternative wearing styles.

In summary, Missori's Latest Danglers Earrings Collection presents a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, showcasing the finest 925 Sterling Silver and precious elements like Semi Precious Beads, Kundan, and Natural Pearls. Adorn yourself with these masterfully handcrafted earrings to elevate your style and make a striking fashion statement on any occasion.

Care: Simply store your beautiful Missori pieces in a zip lock bag to avoid any chemical changes from the air, moisture or water as well scratches and entanglements.
It's best to limit direct contact from perfumes, soaps, and excessive humidity.
To clean any Missori jewelry piece, wipe the piece with a soft & dry cloth and place it back in your zip lock pouch.