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Green CZ Mother Of Pearl Set

Green CZ Mother Of Pearl Set


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925 Sterling Silver, CZ, Mother Of Pearl
Earrings: 12 mm x 8 mm , Penadnt: 15 mm x 11 mm

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Introducing the captivating Green CZ Mother Of Pearl Pendant Set from the renowned Missori collection. Elevate your style with this exquisite 925 Sterling Silver pendant set, meticulously handcrafted to perfection.

Our Pendant Set Collection proudly showcases the timeless elegance of 925 Sterling Silver, complemented by the dazzling brilliance of CZ stones and the iridescent allure of Mother Of Pearl. A true masterpiece, this set embodies sophistication and grace, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion.

This pendant set is a harmonious blend of artistry and craftsmanship. The pendant, measuring 15mm x 11mm, is an intricate display of beauty, while the earrings, measuring 12mm x 8mm, mirror the same alluring design. The set includes a delicate chain, enhancing the allure of the ensemble.

Experience the charm of Missori's Green CZ Mother Of Pearl Pendant Set and indulge in the luxury of pure Sterling Silver. Whether you're looking for an unforgettable gift or a statement piece to grace your collection, this pendant set is sure to captivate hearts and turn heads.

Embrace elegance and sophistication with Missori's Pendant Set Collection. Your journey to timeless beauty starts here.