Eraa Peridot silver ring with gold plating and Black Rhodium Finish
Eraa Peridot Designer Ring 1

Eraa Peridot Designer Ring 1


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Black Rhodium, gold plating, Peridot

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Eraa by Missori is a collection of designer silver jewelry studded with semi precious gem stones like amethyst, Peridot, garnet, citrine, apatite and more. The collection cosists of smart work wear rings and bracelets.

Our Eraa Collection is specially designed for "She - the woman of this era" who is as precious as the varieties of the gemstones we have used in building this collection.

This ring has "peridot" and gold plated flowers that makes it look completely elegant and stylish. 

Peridot symbolizes love, truth, faithfulness and loyalty. The energies from the gemstone can also suppress ego and jealousy. Today this gem is still prized for its beautiful yellowish-green hues and long history.

Some one, as lovely as you deserves nothing less than this gemstone studded black rhodium ring with golden flowers and leaves.

Size: 9