Blue Grey Bandhej Dupatta



Modal Silk
2.5 meter x 1.1 meter
Product Details

The Dupatta is a fine piece of rai bandhej art practised by Kutchh artisans, wherein very tiny mustard (rai) grains are tied for resist dying and achieving a beutiful pattern thereby. It requires lot of skill and long man hours to create these pieces. Lets take moment to appreciate this hard work and support our artisans.

Art: This dupatta is made by Kutch artisans using Bndhej art which is a technique of resist dying is and patterning fabric by tying partsof it in different ways to prevent the penetration of dyes. This craft is one of theoldest in the world for making colored designs on a fabric.

Note: Bandhej pieces have to be usually ironed to achieve its full length/breadth. Though one can choose to adorn it as is to retain the fine art that it shows without ironing. 



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