Mother Of Pearl Silver Ring




A beautiful sophisticated statement ring with dilicate Mother Of Pearl flowers embellished with CZ, to adorn for special occasions.

About Mother Of Pearl:

Mother of pearl is similar to pearls in that it’s made of the same stuff. But in many ways, mother of pearl is its own ‘gemstone’. Perfect for unique jewelry, stylish craft and beautiful décor, mother of pearl has many uses.

Mother of pearl is made of aragonite, a type of calcium carbonate, formed by the pearl oyster, as well as freshwater pearl mussels and abalone. Nacre is secreted by the mollusc as a defence mechanism against irritants and abrasions that find their way into the shell. Over time, the creature secretes layers of nacre which smoothen the surface of the shell and entombs any irritants that cling to the inner surface of the shell.

Source: jewelryshoppingguide.com

925 Sterling Silver, Mother Of Pearl, CZ

8 (US Size), 16 (Indian Size)

28 mm

Glossy Black Rhodium Finish
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